Review Request 123878: Introduction of a Concentration mode

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Sun Jun 7 09:51:09 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDevelop and KDE Usability.


Fix crash, had forgotten to push the fix.

Repository: kdevplatform


One of the perceived problems in KDevelop that affect me the most is that we're visually heavy. And we are. This patch doesn't address this, but I believe it will start to give us some hints on where we want to go.

This patch, basically adds a new togglable state to the main window, which allows our user to reduce some of the noise in the UI, allowing him to concentrate on what he came to do. This has a big advantage: we get to assume that the user is familiar with the shortcuts.
What it does:

* It hides all the toolview handles (not the toolviews).
* It hides the menu bar. Since I realized I was using Alt+* to access some menus, it's showing the menu when Alt is pressed.
* It adds a toolbar that lets the user get out of the concentration mode, and also receives the menu widget (with the working sets and area button).
* Also since I realized I was using some other shortcuts, I took the liberty to adapt them, I think they're far easier to remember than the previous ones.
* Replaces the container tab bar to work without it (it has a label instead, long story, I know).

Now it works reasonably well, you can see the screenshot if you want to get an idea without trying the patch. I'm still undecided about whether we want to hide them.

Diffs (updated)

  plugins/contextbrowser/browsemanager.cpp 70a3125 
  sublime/mainwindow.cpp a1acdf3 
  sublime/mainwindow_p.h 5477091 
  sublime/mainwindow_p.cpp aa9e10e 



I've been using it for work during the last few days. It doesn't crash (more) and well, I don't miss most of the things, so it's probably safe to get this in as is.

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