kdev-qmljs merged into kdevelop.git

Denis Steckelmacher steckdenis at yahoo.fr
Tue Aug 25 10:16:14 UTC 2015

On 24/08/15 10:11, Kevin Funk wrote:
> Similar to the kdev-qmake merge:
> kdev-qmljs is now part of kdevelop.git.
> Happy testing!
> @steckdenis:
> There are a few issues at the moment:
> - QmlJS doesn't re-highlight files when pressing F5 (or is it just me?)
> - Multiple errors in the propertywidgets, such as:
>    [kdevelop(10108)/(default) unknown:
> file:///home/kfunk/devel/install/kf5/share/propertywidgets/Height.qml:26:
> ReferenceError: root is not defined
> Could you have a look?

I also have the problem with re-highlighting files. I'll check what 
happened with the property widget. It may take a couple of days before I 
commit fixes because I have to update my kdevelop checkout and I have 
changed distribution recently.

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