Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Wed Aug 5 13:05:38 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 05 August 2015 03:35:30 Laszlo Kis-Adam wrote:
> Hi there!
> Just like with KDev-ClangCheck, I'd like to get some feedback for this
> plugin as well.

> Repo:
> https://bitbucket.org/dfighter1985/kdev-pylint.git

Instead of another repo this should eventually end up in kdev-python. I'm 
quite opposed to introducing even more plugin related repositories with just a 
tiny fraction of code. This will never end up on a users' disk, if he/she 
didn't compile by hand.

@Scummos: Opinions?

(Of course this is fine for the early development phase)
> Video showing it in action:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gntmEJxvK5k

Again, looking good!

Great work

> Documentation can be found in the docs directory.
> (Yes Kevin, I will want to move these too to the wiki! :))

> Cheers,
> Laszlo Kis-Adam


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