Review Request 122169: Use oldcpp behavior when inserting include paths.

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Tue Apr 21 15:03:03 UTC 2015

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(Updated April 21, 2015, 3:03 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.


added unit test suite. note: this now depends on

Repository: kdev-clang

Description (updated)

This is much better, in my opinion. It allows one to easily include
long paths as well as change existing includes more easily as the
rest of the line gets removed as well.

Additionally, comments get taken into account as well as whitespaces.
An extensive unit test suite is added.

REVIEW: 122169

Diffs (updated)

  codecompletion/includepathcompletioncontext.cpp 9dea2879418c4f81ab1927d848c831b092bd11e6 
  codecompletion/model.h 961bdf5cc4a33a9b41cea0cc8c81f0ecfb647b1f 
  tests/test_clangutils.cpp 1a3c85f4e5c288a5bdbc742ee65e61ba1c49cd9f 
  tests/test_codecompletion.h 20cc5a94d51062d12674d6823ced10c056c067bc 
  tests/test_codecompletion.cpp 465c57d7575d9e56776aadf3e200a209e40d24c5 
  tests/test_duchainutils.cpp 1ae10f1d6686d2823c4cda4ffde34d10460ac3d0 




Milian Wolff

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