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Matthew Suozzo ms4249 at
Wed Apr 15 00:58:48 UTC 2015


I'm a student working on KDevelop under the supervision of Alex Dymo. I
have been working on the kdev-clang plugin in KDevelop 5 on his suggestion
and have been having trouble running tests.

PROBLEM (I think):

Test executables (QTests) do not load QT_PLUGIN_PATH


I believe I've isolated the problem to QTest not loading QT_PLUGIN_PATH (or
any other bash environment variables) and consequently failing to locate
and load plugins. As one might imagine, this causes many tests to fail.
Would anyone happen to know of a misconfiguration that could cause this?

To clarify, KDevelop itself works fine. The environment variables correctly
appear in QProcessEnvironment::systemEnvironment when in the actual
KDevelop IDE but not in the kdev-clang or kdevplatform tests.


kdevelop, kdevplatform, and kdev-clang at master
Kubuntu 14.10 (plasma 5) 64-bit
Image run in VirtualBox

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm unfamiliar with this process and
don't know what information I should provide to help this process along.
Any assistance in framing or clarifying my problem would also be

--Matthew Suozzo
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