Review Request 118817: Ensure we never access a given CXTranslationUnit concurrently.

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Mon Jun 23 09:49:31 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop, Kevin Funk and Olivier Jean de Gaalon.

Repository: kdev-clang


Ensure we never access a given CXTranslationUnit concurrently.

ParseSession's data is moved into ParseSessionData, which is the
actual IAstContainer implementation. It also now stores a QMutex.
This mutex is implicitly locked inside ParseSession, so you can say
a ParseSession is now similar to a QMutexLocker, with the difference
that you can exchange the QMutex it operates on. This simplifies the
code in the parse job in my opinion.

The other places where the ParseSession was used are adapted to
operate on the value type instead of the pointer, where appropriate.

This patch hopefully fixes the assertions we currently trigger in LLVM
debug builds. Further optimizations, to e.g. enable concurrent
read-access, can be investigated later on. I'm not really sure it's
going to be worth the effort though...


  clangparsejob.h 91fe788853991b2450964907c4649873a17cc0e9 
  clangparsejob.cpp 50b3da507df2410e1c8876d0de52bd67cb51084c 
  codecompletion/context.h 3e9c6358cd5638a051938d6b4a1f46c3cbdc352e 
  codecompletion/context.cpp af79ac0350bd4e9aa1373ce894de673bd67efd65 
  codecompletion/model.cpp 92cec373ee8d4e62966db85fe960849f19e396d1 
  codegen/clangsignatureassistant.cpp 07357ff23b1d8056b075f6176f99c5038d41201d 
  duchain/clanghelpers.h 2a759f078fe0baa5b1add514e8af06ad20756c56 
  duchain/clanghelpers.cpp 3d7c7d9eabb2844671f0a531bea9f2857f0f4c08 
  duchain/clangpch.h 7adf8fb70f39bb0c1400d649264620a3cc86a8f5 
  duchain/clangpch.cpp 4f3687b300603a689f48343cad5396b61637a897 
  duchain/parsesession.h 7754daba425de1cb7149761743994b818740ac8a 
  duchain/parsesession.cpp a297e2d1f7a79511d1058d8ce06fd43a70875a62 
  tests/clang-parser.cpp de00f654e1899e71504fdc922a9885838ce94f45 
  tests/test_codecompletion.cpp 7c95da8c1fb6b5910d738f5eba6fd78cc5ab10e7 
  tests/test_problems.cpp cc6dddc149eaae540f17509a70def5fa814675e5 



Tests pass and manual testing on a small project seems to work fine as well. I don't have a debug build of llvm though, so if anyone could test that it would be appreciated.


Milian Wolff

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