Releasing KDevelop 4.7

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Sat Jun 14 17:27:28 UTC 2014

On Saturday 14 June 2014 19:06:49 Milian Wolff wrote:
> - assistant focus management
> sometimes, the assistant gets focus while it should not, e.g. in the middle
> of  typing which leads to a very awkward workflow
Yes, I noticed too -- sorry for that. I'll investigate again (in a few days). 
Any hints on what triggers it are much appreciated.

> sometimes, instead of copying code from the editor, one copies the file from 
> the project manager view. On paste, one then inserts the URL to said fail. 
> Again, very awkward
I think this is because nsams wanted the focus to stick to the project view in 
some case I forgot (we discussed that back then related to the "always use 
double click" vs "use the system's default" in the project view) such that you 
can navigate with the arrow keys. I dislike it after using it for a while and 
I've heard the same from another person. Shall I revert it?


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