Review Request 118700: Special handling of the QML "parent" identifier

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Fri Jun 13 11:04:20 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdev-qmljs


This patch adds a special-case for "parent" in ExpressionVisitor. Even if every QML object has a "parent" property of type QQuickItem, the user most of the time wants to refer to the enclosing QML component when he/she types "parent". If there is no enclosing QML component (the current component is a top-level one or something else happened), then ExpressionVisitor falls back to the old behavior and returns a QQuickItem instance.

I would like to be able to activate this special handling of "parent" only for QML files, because Javascript files may use "parent" for something else. Is it possible, given a DUContext, to find its language? (or is there a way for the QML/JS plugin to store in the DUContext that the file is a Javascript one or a QML one?)


  codecompletion/tests/qmlcompletiontest.cpp 1b5cdee 
  duchain/expressionvisitor.cpp 6545997 
  duchain/parsesession.h b5d51d3 
  duchain/parsesession.cpp 1231a40 
  tests/files/test.qml 2d3dc7d 



A new unit test has been added. "parent" is used to refer to the enclosing component of a sub-component, and uses are correctly built. The rest of the unit tests pass. Manual testing shows that the highlighting of "parent" and the code-completion for "parent." is as expected.


Denis Steckelmacher

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