Review Request 118451: Build uses for field member expressions

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Sun Jun 1 14:22:20 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdev-qmljs


This patch adds support for field member expressions ("base.identifier") to ExpressionVisitor and UseBuilder. When ExpressionVisitor encounters such an expression, it finds the type of the base (that can be anything) and then looks in its internal context for the declaration of the identifier. UseBuilder has also been modified to take advantage of this: when a field member expression is encountered, ExpressionVisitor is used to get its corresponding declaration.

This patch makes something like this possible:

Item {
    id: test
    prop: "value"

    onSomething: { console.log(test.prop); }

"prop" in "test.prop" is registered as being an use of the "prop" property of test.

Currently, only QML components are handled. Snippets like "var a = {foo: "bar"}; = "bar";" are currently not supported because a is not declared in such a way that ExpressionVisitor can find a declaration having an inner context. I have ideas allowing this to work, though.


  duchain/expressionvisitor.h b5c2781 
  duchain/expressionvisitor.cpp 68a6226 
  duchain/helper.h fa28a9c 
  duchain/helper.cpp 480a051 
  duchain/usebuilder.h 6ffbf62 
  duchain/usebuilder.cpp 7d443c3 
  tests/files/test.qml f6b1295 



The testsuite passes, and a new test ensures that "prop" has two uses (its declaration and "test.prop") in the snippet I give in the description.


Denis Steckelmacher

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