Review Request 121484: debugger: IBreakpointController refactoring (incompatible API changes)

Nicolai Hähnle nhaehnle at
Sun Dec 21 23:22:58 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.


While working on the kdevelop/gdb-side of things, I noticed that it makes sense to add the breakpointAdded() method to the IBreakpointController interface.

The other changes are fairly minor.

Repository: kdevplatform


Overall, I want to move the code into a shape where BreakpointModel stores all information about breakpoints as presented to the user, and IBreakpointController is a genuine thin interface with no code (or only shim code) in kdevplatform.

The changes are necessarily binary incompatible, but AFAIU this is okay in current kdevplatform and kdevelop master. There are also minor source incompatible changes; I have already updated kdevelop master so that it is compatible with them.

The next step after this set of changes will be to change the gdb plugin in kdevelop so that it no longer uses what is now marked as the "old API". This will reduce the interactions between kdevelop and kdevplatform. Once those changes have landed and are stable, the old API in kdevplatform can then be purged.

Besides the usual reviewing feedback and feedback on the general direction of these changes, I am particularly interested in:

1. Are there other users of the debuggers/breakpoint API, and source/binary compatibility policies that I should be aware of?

2. I introduced the Column and ColumnFlags enum, where the latter is intended to replace various sets by more compact bit fields. Is there a nice type-safe Qt way of having such a pair of enums, where one is for bitfield corresponding to sets of the other?

Diffs (updated)

  debugger/interfaces/ibreakpointcontroller.cpp 03a7546166a61a8be9c9b6def2dcb3596c17e82a 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpoint.h 23c690f243ec3a46dfb66fd220c620125fd07327 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpoint.cpp 7e6de84208050192b6af3242c0cabd5f5515b567 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpointdetails.cpp 40d90bc863b10df24adf7189e12265ceb434a690 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpointmodel.h 025e78e6d270f870a6ad7d4c526640a3a404f59c 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpointmodel.cpp 0810db2f4f844beee13861ce4ba7d91464956fb0 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpointwidget.h 29268c38e87a72d1f67aa9ed3ae0cfeeedaf51aa 
  debugger/breakpoint/breakpointwidget.cpp 381e54656a178380aa8806146f0cb263b1f5df99 
  debugger/interfaces/ibreakpointcontroller.h 5da4f3efafe7c6e97fbfafe9b639e05d2e0478ea 



kdevelop gdb unit tests work


Nicolai Hähnle

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