cmake+duchain help, I deathlocked

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Fri Dec 19 01:04:12 UTC 2014

You know I haven't made that many commits lately. I'd love to say it's
because I've been busy doing wonderful things but it's mostly because
I kind of deathlocked over duchain generation for cmake.

I'm sending this e-mail hoping that I'll either understand what we
want by writing it or somebody over here will just give me a hint of
what to look into.

Let's say we have a file such as [1].
When we parse the CMakeLists.txt file in the line 4, we want to have
everything between [4, 400) as imported contexts, because whatever is
processed over there we can use afterwards, then the CMakeLists.txt
file defined in 400 will have the partent CMakeLists (and the
transitional imports of that one).

Now we will need to have separate duchain versions for the different
projects, in fact, we'll need all those within (4,400) to be depending
on each other.

My conclusion: fuck that, let's live without a duchain for a while, I
might get inspired sometime in the future, there's more important
things to spend time on.

Nevertheless, we still might want to implement project edition, I was
already planning to do that without duchain anyway.



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