MSVC build error

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Thu Dec 18 03:42:20 UTC 2014

2014-12-17 20:47 GMT-03:00 Nicolás Alvarez <nicolas.alvarez at>:
> Hi people,
> KDevelop has code like this in makebuilderpreferences.h:
> class MakeBuilderSettings ;
> template<typename T>
> class ProjectConfigPage {
> public:
>     virtual ~ProjectConfigPage() {
>         delete T::self();
>     }
> };
> class MakeBuilderPreferences : public ProjectConfigPage<MakeBuilderSettings>
>> {};
> This doesn't compile on MSVC, it wants a full declaration (not just a
> forward declaration) of MakeBuilderSettings , otherwise it says
> MakeBuilderSettings is an undefined type and it doesn't find self().
> Apparently the virtualness of the destructor is relevant(!).
> It seems like this would be easy to fix, just include the generated
> makebuilderconfig.h which defines the full MakeBuilderSettings class,
> instead of forward-declaring it. Except we have a problem:
> makebuilderconfig.h includes makebuilderpreferences.h, so they would
> include each other. This causes a different build error when
> makebuilderconfig.cpp is compiled.
> This in turn can be solved by including makebuilderpreferences.h in
> makebuilderconfig.cpp instead of in makebuilderconfig.h, since it's
> only needed in the .cpp. But makebuilderconfig.* are generated from
> the .kcfg files, so I'd have to modify the generator! However, this is
> the only solution I found myself.
> Is there anyone familiar with this code who could do some other code
> change to avoid the problem? Otherwise I'll try to modify the kcfg
> generator and send a review request...

It turns out kconfig_compiler already has the feature I needed!
projectbuilders now build on MSVC :)


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