GDB: Qt5-based pretty-printers situation

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Sun Dec 14 11:10:23 UTC 2014


I appreciate some new developers are working on streamlining the GDB plugin, 
it was much needed.

We have one big issue in KF5 with GDB plugin: Qt5-based pretty printers.

The problem: We don't ship them => We're not able to pretty-print Qt5-related 
variables in the GDB plugin

There's an existing change-request at Qt Gerrit, which implements most of the 
pretty-printers for the types in QtCore *for Qt5 only*:

If someone would be willing to spend time on making this either ready for 
inclusion upstream (Qt) or locally (KDevelop), that would be awesome.

My notes about the patch as-is:
- They only support Qt5 => interfere with pretty-printers supporting Qt4 
  (You actually have to disambiguate *inside* the pretty-printer code,
   based on struct layout, etc.)
  - Might want to spend time on supporting both Qt4 and Qt5?
  - This means merging *our* Qt4-based PP into this patch
- Upstream would be a better place for obvious reasons,
  multiple people would benefit from it

@Alex: Are *you* planning to spend more time on this, by chance?

At any rate: Any help welcome, this is unfortunately I rather non-trivial but 
OTOH a very *rewarding* task. (Qt contribution, fame, ...)


Kevin Funk | kfunk at |

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