Review Request 121442: gdb: Refactoring of GDB/MI and state tracking (work in progress)

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Fri Dec 12 14:15:50 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevelop


Please excuse what is probably a bit of an abuse of the system. I wanted to use KDevelop in remote debugging and ran into trouble because it gets horribly confused when user commands (including from a GDB setup script as specified in the Launch Configuration) modify certain kinds of state. I started working on this and things kind of escalated, so I wanted to put something out there ASAP to let you know that I'm working on this and to get feedback on the direction this is going.

The overall direction of those changes is to modify the gdb plugin such that it picks up state changes (running state, breakpoints, etc.) based on the async notifications rather than based on the command it sends itself. This is crucial for handling correctly the case where the user enters a command such as "continue" directly in the GDB view, or (more importantly for my use case) to handle at all the case where I set up a GDB script to attach to a remote target.

The first milestone I set for myself is being able to do *any* remote debugging in my particular use case at all, while keeping the unit tests working correctly. Longer term, I hope to be able to fix the breakpoint handling so that it picks up breakpoints set outside the control of KDevelop, and other similar issues as they come up.

This is a series of patches, the headlines of which are currently:

gdb: remove unused QueueWhileInterrupted mode from the command queue
gdb: do not use addCommandToFront in DisassembleWidget
gdb: DebugSession: add a testing mode for unit tests
gdb: match structure more closely to the GDB/MI documentation and use cmd tokens
gdb: always process async notifications from GDB
gdb: remove magic constants in GDBMI::StreamRecord
gdb: remove flaky DebugSession::parseStreamRecord
gdb: add braces around multi-line if statement
gdb: examineCoreFile: update IDebugSession::state() to match unit tests
gdb: update session state more robustly based on async notifications


  debuggers/gdb/debugsession.h dbe06c5 
  debuggers/gdb/debugsession.cpp 63f9a58 
  debuggers/gdb/disassemblewidget.cpp 67024cf 
  debuggers/gdb/gdb.h 31688cd 
  debuggers/gdb/gdb.cpp 4dc7b5d 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommand.h fb23c47 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommand.cpp 67abbd8 
  debuggers/gdb/breakpointcontroller.h 1b8ae0e 
  debuggers/gdb/breakpointcontroller.cpp d5ba5dd 
  debuggers/gdb/debuggerplugin.h 4c6bb07 
  debuggers/gdb/DESIGN.txt ddefb70 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommandqueue.h 7d82f45 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommandqueue.cpp 801bc41 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbglobal.h ef31c02 
  debuggers/gdb/mi/gdbmi.h d5e92b8 
  debuggers/gdb/mi/miparser.h 7096af0 
  debuggers/gdb/mi/miparser.cpp 123c97e 
  debuggers/gdb/unittests/test_gdb.h b9a961d 
  debuggers/gdb/unittests/test_gdb.cpp 03a1203 
  debuggers/gdb/variablecontroller.h f5ac8c1 
  debuggers/gdb/variablecontroller.cpp 5eb9908 



unit tests; debugging KDevelop with itself and some remote debugging


Nicolai Hähnle

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