Review Request 121442: gdb: Refactoring of GDB/MI and state tracking (work in progress)

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On Wednesday 10 December 2014 22:07:25 Nicolai Hähnle wrote:
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lately i've seen Milian posts about the 'state of gdb in kdevelop' and my collegue and i had 
some unpleasant debugging experiences, so i dig a bit into the GDB plugin code of kdevelop 
and i did some minor changes:[1] 

The changes i made so far are:
- switch the assembler flavor from AT&T to Intel and back in the dissassembler widget
- remove StackList commands from the queue when a new Exec command arrives. This reduces 
the wait time when stepping through the code quickly.
- remove duplicated command in the queue. Mostly to eliminate duplicate variable updates.
- show the pending command in the command queue. This is purely for debugging and to check 
which commands are currently pending.
- slight improvements to memory view to use sizeof() when no size argument is given
All the changes i've done so far are on the 4.7 branch because this is the version i'm using daily. 
I haven't fully tested all the changes and i'm not sure if these changes don't have any 
unwanted side-effects.
I haven't had the time to bundle up all the changes and put them on the review board. Some of 
the changes need some adjustment with Nicolai modifications, but i think it would be worth 
the effort. This post is just to avoid duplicated work in getting the GDB plugin in a better 


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