Heads-up: Frameworks branch merged, master now KF5-based

Laurent Navet laurent.navet at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 07:28:20 UTC 2014

> I've now finally merged the frameworks branch of both kdevplatform and
> kdevelop into their respective master branches. In other words:
> Both kdevplatform.git and kdevelop.git master are now KF5-based.

Great !

> *Further tasks for us developers*
> - Please, everyone, have a look at the failing unit tests and try to fix
> them
>   It's important to have reliable tests before working further on the code.
> - There are still lot's of KDE4->KF5 porting tasks open:
>   Dāvis Mosāns seems to take care of kdevplatform.git right now,
>   but kdevelop.git still needs some love here.
>   (@Dāvis, could you comment on the current state?)
> - Removal of deprecated API would be good now, too
> *Most apparent issues in KDevelop on KF5 right now*
> - KTextEditor now provides their own status bar, but we'd like to be able
>   to show/hide it on request because it wastes vertical space.
>   The most clean approach would be a patch in KTE, also see [1]
> - CMake manager blocking the UI on project import
>   (when parsing compile_commands.json)
> - Anything else?
> *Overall state of KDevelop on KF5*
> Seems to be good for daily use already, we've fixed the most annoying issues
> during the Randa sprint. Windows support is coming along nicely and we want
> to
> improve that.

Maybe it can help to have a trello board, this has been done for kwin port[1].
Like this, everyone knows what the others are working on.

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