[kdev-clang] /: Implement ClangSupport::standardContext

Sergey Kalinichev kalinichev.so.0 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 17:12:55 UTC 2014

>*Why* are there multiple contexts for a given file in kdev-clang?

This is simple. It happens if you change environments (e.g. used one
compiler, then switched to another one with it's own include

On 8/27/14, Milian Wolff <mail at milianw.de> wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 August 2014 11:29:20 Sergey Kalinichev wrote:
>> Git commit 2d7ca772cee602bb4c2af0c026b8eb3a32702406 by Sergey Kalinichev.
>> Committed on 26/08/2014 at 11:30.
>> Pushed by skalinichev into branch 'master'.
>> Implement ClangSupport::standardContext
>> This is needed for e.g. code-completion when there are many versions
>> of the context with different environments, as at the time when
>> code-completion gets invoked there is no environment information
>> available.
> Thinking about this commit, I have to say I think it's wrong as well.
> *Why* are there multiple contexts for a given file in kdev-clang? This
> should
> never happen. This "feature" with multiple contexts for a file is only used
> (afaik) by oldcpp and its proxy contexts. It's very complicated and I hope
> we
> never ever try to make use of it in kdev-clang.
> So, I think we should actually assert that at most one context is found for
> a
> given file and return it directly. If that is not the case, please debug
> where
> the second context comes from.
> Bye
> --
> Milian Wolff
> mail at milianw.de
> http://milianw.de

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