Review Request 119900: [OS X] less obtrusive missing declaration widget

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Tue Aug 26 17:48:56 UTC 2014

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X and KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


This patch renders the assistant popup widget used for suggesting to add missing declarations to a class being edited less obtrusive on configurations like OS X where the Alt modifier might be used in shortcuts like Word-Left/Right (to match them with the system default).

The patch basically makes the Alt keypress to handle the popup's programmatic shortcuts a transient trigger rather than a state change that persists until the popup is either accepted or dismissed. This will of course apply to other widgets than just the one presented by the missing declaration feature.

For more details, see


  shell/assistantpopup.cpp 06d6ccf 



With KDevelop 4.7RC (x.7.60) on OS X (10.6.8, KDE 4.12.5 and Qt 4.8.6 from MacPorts) and with KDevelop git/master on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 with KDE 4.13.3 and Qt 4.8.6) with word left/right evoked by Alt+Left/Right).


RJVB Bertin

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