Review Request 119763: Reenable the app wizard and file template wizard

Simon Wächter waechter.simon at
Wed Aug 13 15:18:31 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop and Kevin Funk.

Repository: kdevplatform


The idea of this patch is to reenable the app wizard and file template wizard of KDevelop in the framework branch. For this, I had to reactivate Grantlee and fix/port away a few other things:

- Reenable Grantlee (Inoffical version 1.0) and change some CMake files (See note)
- Port kdevfilters to the new Qt5 plugin system. The install location was fixed, so the plugin is correctly loaded by Grantlee
- Renable the app wizard and file template wizard plugin. Change the serching and write paths for templates
- Change the default paths of several models. Because the dirs() method of KComponentData is deprecated, I had to introdue methods for adding search paths to the model 
- Fixed the unit tests (See testing comment)

Note: Grantlee provides a Qt5 branch called 'volatile_qt5_port. I will ask the current maintainer of Grantlee when this branch will result in a new (official) release


  CMakeLists.txt d73caa8 
  language/CMakeLists.txt f49664c 
  language/codegen/sourcefiletemplate.h 4085476 
  language/codegen/sourcefiletemplate.cpp 412b8b9 
  language/codegen/templateengine.cpp fc7c61e 
  language/codegen/templatesmodel.h fbd5514 
  language/codegen/templatesmodel.cpp 5779050 
  language/codegen/tests/CMakeLists.txt 077add5 
  language/codegen/tests/codegen_tests_config.h.cmake a963e7b 
  language/codegen/tests/test_templateclassgenerator.cpp af18ddd 
  language/codegen/tests/test_templatesmodel.cpp 0a1b65d 
  plugins/CMakeLists.txt a63447c 
  plugins/appwizard/CMakeLists.txt fc5a98d 
  plugins/appwizard/appwizardplugin.cpp 1bb134e 
  plugins/appwizard/projectselectionpage.h fafad0e 
  plugins/appwizard/projectselectionpage.cpp ae253f4 
  plugins/filetemplates/filetemplatesplugin.cpp 8739871 
  plugins/filetemplates/outputpage.h 347296e 
  plugins/filetemplates/outputpage.cpp 2b98cb9 
  template/filters/CMakeLists.txt 5eba65e 
  template/filters/kdevfilters.h 1a33fc6 
  template/filters/kdevfilters.cpp b8ffb8a 



Although this patch was tested under two different project neon systems, I would be very glad if someone can retest it


Simon Wächter

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