Review Request 119709: Fix another build failure originating from GCC-4.7 bug.

Craig T. zarathustra.zoroaster at
Mon Aug 11 09:51:21 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevelop


Owing to a bug in GCC versions less than the 4.8, we encounter the following build failure when compiling kdevelop with GCC-4.7:

`KDevelop/projectmanagers/custommake/custommakemanager.cpp:46:7: error: looser throw specifier for ‘virtual CustomMakeProvider::~CustomMakeProvider()’
In file included from KDevelop/projectmanagers/custommake/custommakemanager.cpp:41:0:
KDevelop/projectmanagers/custommake/../../languages/plugins/custom-definesandincludes/idefinesandincludesmanager.h:96:17: error:   overriding ‘virtual KDevelop::IDefinesAndIncludesManager::BackgroundProvider::~BackgroundProvider() noexcept (true)’`

The GCC bugzilla ( suggests a single workaround in this particular instance: adding a definition to the destructor outside the class definition.

This fix was prompted by several callers to #kdevelop whom all seemed to be running afoul of this issue. As GCC-4.7 is still in moderate use, it may be worth it to just bite the bullet and apply this for now. I still lack commit access and would be happily credited as "Craig Tenenbaum" <zarathustra.zoroaster at>


  projectmanagers/custommake/custommakemanager.cpp 8440785 



Compiled against GCC-4.7.3


Craig T.

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