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Pavel Petrushkov onehundredof at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 12:01:24 UTC 2014

Hello KDev developers!

For the past few weeks I've been working on Go language support for
KDevelop and I think it is time I share my work with everyone. So, here -
https://github.com/OneHundRedOf/kdev-go  is all that I have right now. I
have written a parser with KDevelop-PG-Qt, simple Declaration and Uses
Builders which currently support only part of all language features and
basic code completion support. Of course it's a long way to go to be
complete, but I've covered the basics like variable and function
declarations, type deduction with ExpressionVisitor and type members,
methods and imports code completion. Testing plugin with Go standart
library shows that it 'mostly works' right now and even can be useful

I was wondering if someone here would like to review my code and give me
some feedback. I'm not an experienced KDE or KDevelop developer so any
constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. Maybe somebody would
even join me in developing this plugin. Also if you think my code is ok,
maybe we should open a project on projects.kde.org? I have no idea about
the quality of accepted projects though, so that's for you to decide.

Currently most important issues with my plugin are lack of tests and
documentation, but I will start working on that soon. Also I guess I will
need frameworks port, I'm hoping to get some help here on that.

A little bit more info about the plugin is available on github page, if you
want to try it out, don't forget to set $GOPATH environment variable for
your project.

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