Figuring out the CMakeParseJob

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Wed Aug 6 01:58:38 UTC 2014

Now this is the e-mail where I'm a newbie after working on KDevelop for 7
years :D.

As you'll have seen, I've been changing things in the cmake, one of the
things to have changed is how we populate the DUChain, we will use parse
jobs now.

Now I think we'll need to treat it a bit specially, given that in cmake we
need to have the scripts processed in a specific order so that we know
where things actually come from.

Now I would like some feedback from the people who have been working on
other language supports to give me a hand figure this out, so I can start
pushing this with confidence.

Let's put it in perspective, we need to be able to include the backtrace of
the file every time we parse a file, so if we're doing:
- src/CMakeLists.txt: we will need /CMakeLists.txt
- cmake/FindCocoloco.cmake: we will need src/CMakeLists.txt, which in turn
needs CMakeLists.txt

Also we need to be able to wait the processing of the files until the
dependencies are not ready.


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