Very strange crash when the DUChain is cleaned up

Milian Wolff mail at
Sat Aug 2 12:32:23 UTC 2014

On Friday 01 August 2014 14:58:53 Denis Steckelmacher wrote:
> Hi,
> As suggested several days ago by Milian on IRC, I'm changing how
> function contexts are handled in the QML/JS language plugin. The
> structure that I try to use looks like the one used by Clang: the
> internal context of a function declaration contains its parameters and
> two sub-contexts: the one of the body (type Other) and the prototype
> context (that contains the "class members" of the function, type
> Function). The prototype context is also put in internalFunctionContext,
> the reason is given in duchain/functiondeclaration.h (in
> kde:scratch/dsteckelmacher/kdev-qmljs.git, branch "wip").

I'll try to have a look next week. Sorry for the delay.

Milian Wolff
mail at

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