Very strange crash when the DUChain is cleaned up

Denis Steckelmacher steckdenis at
Sat Aug 2 08:56:04 UTC 2014

On 08/02/2014 02:29 AM, Sven Brauch wrote:
> Hmm, that sounds unpleasant. However, i cannot reproduce the issue, I only get
> this:
> 	FAIL!  : TestFiles::testFiles(directory_import.qml)
> 'validator.testsPassed()' returned FALSE. ()
>     Loc: [kdev-qmljs/tests/test_files.cpp(116)]
> but it seems to exit cleanly.
> I built the tip of the wip branch in the scratch repo you linked, anything
> else I need to do to get the crash?
> Greetings!

It seems that the bug is even more problematic than I've thought. I'm 
using KDevelop and KDevPlatform master (as of yesterday evening), so I 
think that you have the same software configuration as me (one possible 
difference is that I use KDE 4.14.60).

I'll bisect the "the testsuite randomly fails" bug. It may be the cause 
of everything else, and the failure you are reporting is the one that 
randomly fails for me.


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