Review Request 117014: KDevelop - search and load qch files on startup in an specified directory

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Tue Apr 22 21:34:52 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.

Bugs: 332404

Repository: kdevelop


Quick implementation for searching qch files in an specified directory. The directory can be specified in the QTHelp Dialog. KDevelop search the qch files on startup. The imported qch files are NOT added to the manual documentation list. The default icon is the qtlogo an the name is the basename of the file.


  documentation/qthelp/qthelpconfig.h 8c97afb 
  documentation/qthelp/qthelpconfig.cpp e353f7d 
  documentation/qthelp/qthelp_config_shared.cpp 8aafef5 
  documentation/qthelp/qthelp_config_shared.h b4d42e4 
  documentation/qthelp/qthelpconfig.ui 158b267 
  documentation/qthelp/qthelpplugin.h 7ae83f2 
  documentation/qthelp/qthelpplugin.cpp f830c6a 




Bastian Schmidt

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