Common functionality for dynamic languages

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Wed Apr 16 20:34:54 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 16 April 2014 22:23:35 Denis Steckelmacher wrote:
> I was thinking about how to implement hash maps and list in 
> JS, and I will need these classes at least for the lists (I still 
> haven't figured out how to handle hash maps and code-completion for 
> them, maybe subclassing MapType could be the way to go).
We will need to see about that, eventually there will be need for a new type 
with lists for both key and content type instead of just one type. ListType 
will certainly be useful for JS' Array and similar things though.

In that context I could probably upstream Python's IndexedContainer and it 
could gain a subclass with typed keys, analogous to ListType / MapType. I 
think that would be closer to what JS needs.


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