Review Request 117379: Various fixes for mercurial plugin VCS.

Dāvis Mosāns davispuh at
Fri Apr 11 11:10:01 UTC 2014

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(Updated April 11, 2014, 2:10 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.



Repository: kdev-mercurial

Description (updated)

Various fixes for mercurial support. Basically updated so it can be built against latest kdevplatform. Also fixed tests so they pass.


1. Removed DVCS view factory

  * Kdevplatform change commit 41db303595d55d355a80d896a25543f449819d30

2. Changed MercurialHeadsModel constructor to match VcsEventsWidget

  * Kdevplatform change commit a6d910861906365f0ef11b99badbbde01e6f3c7b

3. Fixed tests

4. Other changes

Diffs (updated)

  CMakeLists.txt c4f91a394215c8401579af38feba4982bed055dc 
  kdevmercurial.desktop 7cc0db2e8cacbd8029d726414549fd694d4b7b2a 
  mercurialplugin.h a2817e3f8e534b09353574c64b1c6e0b701117b6 
  mercurialplugin.cpp e2aba19a1743318bdb849bff15c9a9bae17006ae 
  models/mercurialheadsmodel.h 8e2ed09dbac64d03af68d936365adbbea41a58a9 
  models/mercurialheadsmodel.cpp 41e6c7bbfcabc437932faf8d48cf73e831d03080 
  tests/CMakeLists.txt 018e9fcec1f5d2ba0d865bccf82f07ddd5078436 
  tests/initTest.cpp 44d050cedab71b1418f38a1ff03aa7ad26ca7dc6 
  ui/mercurialheadswidget.h 8952b7b2c15e2606b82e58980f81d16e9df391f3 
  ui/mercurialheadswidget.cpp e35b5faa8fc2f1bfb9b40fafb676088849d224cf 
  ui/mercurialqueuesmanager.cpp bc8568c0c0911f7a4d21dfbe80824bf8a6116616 



All tests pass, but they don't cover all functionality.

Manually verified that adding files, commits does work. Also commit history viewing works fine. Didn't tried remotes nor branches. They might not or might work in some cases.

I consider this in Alpha quality so basically it can be used to play a bit, but would require more work to be finished.


Dāvis Mosāns

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