Review Request 113473: Project Manager filter delay

Eugene Agafonov e.a.agafonov at
Sun Oct 27 16:26:31 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


Project Manager's filter triggers every time when user hits the key. It became annoying with big projects once filter update may takes a noticible time.

This patch implements a delay (1 sec in current implementation) between the user stops typing and filter update.

The delay is implemented in ProjectManagerFilterAction so neither ProjectProxyMorel nor ProjectManager view is touched by this patch. ProjectManagerFilterAction's interface is not changed as well.


  plugins/projectmanagerview/projectmanagerview.h 020d24f 
  plugins/projectmanagerview/projectmanagerview.cpp fbec9ad 



Build and test on master branches with my dayly-work projects (10+ projects in single sessions, 5000+files of different types)


Eugene Agafonov

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