Merging ninja support before KDevelop 4.6

Ivan Shapovalov intelfx100 at
Thu Oct 24 18:20:45 UTC 2013

On Thursday 24 October 2013 at 15:55:06, Aleix wrote:
> Hi,
> If nobody is against, I'll merge kdev-ninja repo into
> kdevelop/projectbuilders before the feature freeze.
> Thoughts?
> Aleix


This is not strictly kdev-ninja, but the CMake generator configuration 
page/KCM is somewhat dirty implemented: when the page is loaded, the generator 
selection combo-box shows "Unix Makefiles" for a split second, and then the 
value changes to the actual (previously configured).

// this is most probably a bug to be filed (moreover, something I can try to 
fix myself), but I'm in a hurry...


Ivan Shapovalov / intelfx /

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