Review Request 113092: Patch for Bug 319011 - Difficult to view full plugin description (Utilities and Version Control Plugins)

Meenakshi Khorana akshvi at
Sat Oct 5 00:36:13 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


Patch for Bug 319011 - Difficult to view full plugin description

Improve plugin description(utilites and version control plugins), which is shown in the About dialog.
Reuse the wording from the .desktop file which is more helpful.


  plugins/vcschangesview/vcschangesviewplugin.cpp 7601b51 
  plugins/switchtobuddy/switchtobuddyplugin.cpp d46334c 
  plugins/snippet/snippetplugin.cpp e49310d 
  plugins/konsole/kdevkonsoleviewplugin.cpp c018e19 
  plugins/grepview/grepviewplugin.cpp 53f466a 
  plugins/externalscript/externalscriptplugin.cpp 49db75a 
  plugins/documentview/kdevdocumentviewplugin.cpp eb434b6 
  plugins/codeutils/codeutilsplugin.cpp 1afe512 



Compiled and tested successfully on my local machine. Kdevelop is showing full description in About of Plugins.


Meenakshi Khorana

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