Review Request 113030: Patch for Bug 319011 - Difficult to view full plugin description

Meenakshi Khorana akshvi at
Thu Oct 3 08:56:20 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


Patch for Bug 319011 - Difficult to view full plugin description 

Have made changes to core plugins only but I have not made any changes to New Project Wizard and Project Manager View as i found their About to have relevant information. 


  plugins/classbrowser/classbrowserplugin.cpp 1212b63 
  plugins/contextbrowser/contextbrowser.cpp 85e90b0 
  plugins/dashboard/kdevprojectdashboard.cpp 7eb0816 
  plugins/execute/executeplugin.cpp f3d4a8b 
  plugins/filemanager/kdevfilemanagerplugin.cpp 04b4741 
  plugins/filetemplates/filetemplatesplugin.cpp c34ab4a 
  plugins/openwith/openwithplugin.cpp a64b08c 
  plugins/quickopen/quickopenplugin.cpp 1779219 



Compiled and tested successfully on my local machine. Kdevelop is showing full description in About of Plugins.


Meenakshi Khorana

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