changing crashesBeforeCleanup from 2 to 1

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Wed Nov 27 19:54:05 UTC 2013


I would suggest to change the amount of crashes before the "clear cache?" 
dialog is displayed from 2 to 1. Having it be 2 simply makes no sense at all 
to me: from a user perspective, when the program crashes when doing something 
and then I restart it and it crashes again, I assume it's reproducably broken. 
It is not intuitive to try a third time.
When we immediately display the dialog (after one crash), the user at least 
knows there's an easy-to-reach option to make the crash go away maybe. And if 
he does not want to wait for the reparse, he can just select Cancel and see if 
it still works, knowing that when it crashes again he has the option to clear 
the cache.

Please tell me if you disagree, otherwise I'll change it ;)


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