Review Request 114139: plugin/execute: add option to start app in specific shell

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Tue Nov 26 13:42:00 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.

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Considering this document, the official way to hack on the KDE apps is to setup separate environment and make install the application you are working on there. Currently you can specify an executable path in KDE launchers. That exe path can be path to shell script, that launches the app in/from correct env. But if you fill the shell script there instead of binary, you can't run a gdb against it.

So inspired by the similar option in gdb settings, this patch adds a shell option that NativeApp uses as launcher for the actual app.

There still might be the correct way to setup the launchers and honor the techbase document above, but I didn't find it. Suggestions welcomed.


  plugins/execute/executeplugin.h acf9d51 
  plugins/execute/executeplugin.cpp d3dd882 
  plugins/execute/iexecuteplugin.h 3ac3a37 
  plugins/execute/nativeappconfig.cpp 6f2dd8c 
  plugins/execute/nativeappconfig.ui 63954d3 
  plugins/execute/nativeappjob.cpp 4987e35 




Michal Humpula

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