Review Request 109496: Make kdev-php compile under MinGW64

"Florian Peter Eßer" f.esser at
Mon Mar 18 11:42:52 UTC 2013

Hi Niko,

> cool, what works / does not work on windows?
> Can it be used for production usage?
> And what about performance?

I have not tested that much. I was able to create new PHP projects with Project -> New from Template and import existing ones from disk.
"Advanced" Syntax highlighting (colored variables etc.) also works fine. I did not notice any performance issues, but I'm sitting on a quite fast PC here and only opened small projects yet.

I did notice some general KDevelop Windows issues though:

* Renaming of files in the Project tree does not work:
  RMB -> Rename does nothing. F2 gives me a "new name for..." dialog, but
  that always fails with "There is already a file named ''"
  ('' beeing the new file name).

* If I hover a variable / function / whatever, the links ("show uses",
  "Decl.", ...) in the popup do not work. Clicking them just closes the
  popup. This happens in C++ as well as in PHP.

* On closing KDevelop, I see a Windows crash dialog "KDevelop has stopped
  working". The only thing I can see on the command prompt is 
  "pp_macro::definition There were items left on destruction: 148"

I still haven't figured out yet how I can get console debug output for KDE programs on Windows or how to get DrKonqi working. Any idea?

I will start using KDevelop on Windows more regularly now, so I guess I will be able to generate some bug reports and maybe even fixes in the near future...


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