Review Request 106374: Adding Shortcut F2 and Delete also F5 on Project Manager View

Przemek Czekaj xcojack at
Sun Mar 17 15:18:02 UTC 2013

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDevelop.


It's a feature request to add to kdevelop, pressing F2 in the Project Tree Widget on the folder or file, will trigger the rename window, pressing Delete will trigger remove dialog, pressing F5 should trigger reload but doesn't get the focus on the widget :(

I do it, becasue a lot of editors have this shortcuts by default on the project tree view fe: eclipse, netbeans, jetbrains editors etc...



  plugins/projectmanagerview/projectmanagerviewplugin.cpp 601dbc4 



compiled and tested, but the problem is with F5 on the Project Tree, it doesn't get the focus on this widget, just refresh the file view widget (have no idea how should it be writed... so Im very sorry)


Context menu, show what patch add


Przemek Czekaj

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