Review Request 109532: BranchesListModel: Fix UI bug

Kevin Funk krf at
Sat Mar 16 23:23:21 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop and Aleix Pol Gonzalez.


BranchesListModel: Fix UI bug

BranchesListModel::setData never called the base-class implementation,
hence setIcon() and setData() for roles != Qt::EditRole never had an

Prettify Branch Manager dialog

* Double click now checks out the branch instead of starting a rename
* Add extra button for the rename action
* Add icons to the buttons
* Set window title

GitPlugin: Hide '(no branch)' in branch list

Do not crash in BranchManager when detached


  plugins/git/gitplugin.cpp e2f9f1980c8a006128ce6ecce4e88f1f9964d715 
  vcs/dvcs/ui/branchmanager.h 62e3926bc4db9e8e422d5b38cbf418fc1f1b47d5 
  vcs/dvcs/ui/branchmanager.cpp a19fd473a71efcd5faf2d2755f6397d0d0e8857f 
  vcs/dvcs/ui/branchmanager.ui db8ebc422856a6a5c5ef375b98e1bc2e40e1a070 
  vcs/models/brancheslistmodel.cpp 33b089ec4b3d430daec8b22053e2cf55ba64a17f 



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Screenshot of new Branch Manager dialog


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