Review Request 106236: Custom buildsystem: avoid error if first command arg contains equals sign

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Thu Mar 14 20:18:00 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop and Andreas Pakulat.


Avoid error if the first argument to the build command contains an equals sign.

splitArgs with AbortOnMeta will return a FoundMeta error if the first word contains an equals sign, because it thinks it's a shell variable assignment, as in "LANG=C make" or similar. We were passing the list of arguments of the build command to KShell::splitArgs, without including the command itself. Thus, if the first argument (*after* the command name!) had an equals sign, like in command="make" arguments="V=1", KDevelop was saying "the given arguments would need a real shell", which isn't true.

This patch fixes the problem by passing the command name to splitArgs too (and then removing the command name from the returned split list).


  projectmanagers/custom-buildsystem/custombuildjob.cpp 83af2561c149fb8c807c8c4d58371f0b727e18f5 



I didn't even test if it compiles. I just wanted to post the patch and run to class :)


Nicolas Alvarez

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