Review Request 110858: Cleanup KDE development scripts

Vadim Zhukov persgray at
Thu Jun 6 22:53:36 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


Many KDE development scripts were written in a hurry and are:

 * unportable, e.g.: using bash instead of sh
 * unreliable, e.g.: using of $* instead of $@ in shell scripts
 * unsecure, e.g.: using open($file) idiom in Perl scripts

I tweaked most obvious stuff that I found. This patch allows to better integrate KDE development process into OpenBSD ecosystem, and, probably, in ecosystem of other OSes. Not saying about getting more reliable results for non-usual cases, such as filenames with non-ASCII-alphanum-characters in them.

Given that KDE5 is coming, I think it's a good time to improve some core stuff. :)


  adddebug 782db52 64247fc 
  colorsvn 84dec6b 
  cvsblame bd3635e 
  cvslastlog d1b4581 
  kf5/ 79b6547 
  nonsvnlist f94c3e8 
  package_crystalsvg 1502da2 
  qt4/ ccd0e4e 
  qt4/ 8364ef4 
  qt4/ b0e660f 
  qt4/ cf96261 
  qt4/ c225c62 
  qt4/ 779b0a0 
  qt4/ 2c971b6 
  qt4/ f732684 
  qt4/ f8355bd 
  qt4/ 60be59e 
  qt4/ ca3d590 
  qt4/ f5581b4 
  qt4/ 003c9fb 
  qt4/ 0b42bc5 
  qt4/ 57c5148 
  qt4/ a6a1919 
  qt4/ 564e197 
  qt4/ 367dca0 
  qt4/ ff1ae8f 
  qt4/ 4f0f3c4 
  qt4/ 76f3de6 
  qt4/ 7ab1afa 
  qt4/ be50e9d 
  qt4/ 34ae20b 
  qt4/ 79b6547 
  qt4/icons-kde3tokde4-renamer/ 97cecd1 
  qt4/ 0e34b8a 
  qt4/ fa7cd06 
  qt4/ 2601441 
  qt4/ a34857c 
  qt4/ 31911ba 
  svn-clean 3c698bd ef78f56 
  svnaddcurrentdir 53eb384 
  svnforwardport f8dd9d6 
  svnversions fbdca03 
  unsercmake 24170ab 
  wcgrep 477bab5 



Light tested on OpenBSD-CURRENT, from KDE 4.10.1 till 4.10.4. As I'm not a KDE developer, this definitely needs more precise look.


Vadim Zhukov

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