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Wed Feb 13 22:19:24 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 13 February 2013 23:15:39 Milian Wolff wrote:
> Hey Aleix,
> what did you intend to fix with OutputModel::flushLineBuffer?
> Why was this required? It looks very wrong to me as it breaks the whole
> batching idea (and was also removed because of this in our
> wip/filter_output_threaded branch).
> I can only see it being used in the CTestRunJob but without any comment
> indicating *why* its being used there.

Also removeLastLines - why is that required there? To quote Andreas:

    Removes 'removeLastLines' since the only user was the ninja-plugin and 
    one should handle its special needs in its own code instead of requiring
    API changes that nobody else needs.
    Removes 'flushLineBuffer' since the idea of that function goes completely
    against the idea of doing batches in the first place so it shouldn't 
    If code needs to know when all items are available in the model it'll have
    to connect to the model signals and verify wether the number of lines in
    the model matches the expected final amount. This function is used in the
    ctest-related code in kdevelop, so will need a change there too.

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