Review Request 108872: Use correct Yes/No items in "could not find editor" dialog.

Miha Čančula miha at
Sat Feb 9 10:21:22 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


When KDevelop cannot find a editor for a file, it asks whether to open it as plain text. However, clicking "No" causes it to be openend, while "Yes" cancels the whole thing. This is caused because the arguments to KMessageBox::questionYesNo() are passed in the wrong order. 

I just switched the order, so Yes means yes and No means no. However, it might be better to use full verbs ("Open as plain text", "Don't open") instead. 

This should also be backported into 1.5. 


  shell/documentcontroller.cpp 62fab2e 



Tested locally, it's really a small change. 


Miha Čančula

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