Review Request 108814: Add SOURCES to add_custom_target.

Ben Wagner bungeman at
Wed Feb 6 19:01:09 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


Add SOURCES to add_custom_target. For some time now (at least since 2.6), add_custom_target has a SOURCES section with the documentation at stating "The SOURCES option specifies additional source files to be included in the custom target. Specified source files will be added to IDE project files for convenience in editing even if they have not build rules." Support for this seems to be missing, this patch adds it.


  projectmanagers/cmake/parser/cmakeast.h 9f89c87 
  projectmanagers/cmake/parser/cmakeast.cpp 74bfd04 
  projectmanagers/cmake/parser/cmakeprojectvisitor.cpp 547adc1 



Built, run, observed change.


Ben Wagner

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