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Kevin Funk krf at
Fri Dec 27 17:13:57 UTC 2013

Am Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013, 11:52:06 schrieb Michael George Hart:
> Maybe I am hoping for too much here.
> I have an existing project that is not associated with any VCS and I would
> like to place it into a local Git repository.
> I see I can fetch from an existing GIT repository.
> I see I can create a GIT repository when I first create a project from
> template<Project->New From Template>
> I DON'T see is a button to create GIT repository after I have create a
> project from template<Project->New From Template>
> Is there a way to do this after the project already exist from within
> kdevelop4?
> Either way could someone tell me exactly how; I am rather new to GIT
> I have done the GIT tutorials for command line management. I just want to
> make sure I follow a convention that is appropriate for Kdevelop 4
> Thanks

AFAIK this cannot be done from within KDevelop.

Simply follow the Git command-line instructions at

$ cd <your dir>
$ git init
$ git add . 
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"

That's it. You may have to re-open the project in KDevelop in order to make it 
aware of the local Git repository.


Kevin Funk

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