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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Sun Dec 22 21:53:31 UTC 2013

> On Saturday 21 December 2013 22:49:42 Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > during the last 10 years, close to zero usable plugins did show up for
> > KTextEditor. The few existing that are useful, would be better merged into
> > the part, instead of having the whole code around to load plugins, manage
> > them, ...
> > 
> > For KF5, I would remove the KTextEditor plugin interface completely.
> > 
> > It was brought up, that this kills the possibility to have plugins shared
> > between Kate / KDevelop.
> <snip>
> I agree that sharing would be a cool thing to have eventually - but it should
> not be a priority.
> Rather, I'd argue along a different route on why you should keep - and
> improve
> - the existing API, rather than ditching it.
I guess you missed the point a bit.

I just argue that it makes no sense to have two completely different plugin systems
in an editor, one for the part and one for the application.

The most plugins should be for the application, most people not even understand why
they can select two types of plugins in Kate's config dialog.

Beside that the part plugins are loaded PER document, which is a hassle in most cases, as they
miss any global info, e.g. the document sharing plugin would be much better off to have global
knowledge about all open views/documents, way to create tool-views in a sane way and so on.

Same e.g. for the snippet plugin which we now merged in katepart to have at least "one" implementation
for KDevelop and Kate, and not two different ones.

At the moment, the part plugins are used as some "hack" to share plugins between Kate and e.g.
KDevelop. That was never the idea. Better than having this two different interfaces, one interface
for application wide plugins that center around the idea of KTextEditor::Document/View's is a much
better idea IMHO.


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