KTextEditor Plugins

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 22 16:01:54 UTC 2013

On Sunday 22 December 2013 16:46:31 Michal Humpula wrote:
> Please don't take me too much seriously, but what about doing it with shared
> memory (shm, mmap)?

Hmm. It's quite possible there's a clever way to do it, but either way it will 
be a huge pain. Just think about deciding which instance of the application 
creates the parse job when a document is modified ... and how do you update a 
document in one instance when it's edited in another one?
No ... I think we should have either two completely separate processes, or the 
same process displaying two windows, but not a mix of both.

On Sunday 22 December 2013 16:46:57 Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> I really doubt that people tend to look at the same file from two screens.
> I have two screens since years but never ever did that.

If not for this reason, why would you want two mainwindows from the same 
process? I really think this is the reason people want it ;)
For just having two instances of the application, of course, you can start two 
Having the very same documents (including synchronized editing) accessible 
from two windows is the key feature you lose when you drop support for 
multiple mainwindows. So the question is what do people use this feature for, 
and what problems will there be when it gets dropped. And I think the most 
prominent answer will be the multi-screen thing (after "I didn't know you 
could do that", of course ;).

At least the multi-screen thing is what comes up from time to time for 
kdevelop, as a feature request.


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