KTextEditor Plugins

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Sat Dec 21 21:49:42 UTC 2013


during the last 10 years, close to zero usable plugins did show up for KTextEditor.
The few existing that are useful, would be better merged into the part, instead of having
the whole code around to load plugins, manage them, ...

For KF5, I would remove the KTextEditor plugin interface completely.

It was brought up, that this kills the possibility to have plugins shared between Kate / KDevelop.

Thats true, but the only solution for that would be: Have some basic plugin interface for the application
like Kate has ATM (allowing not much more than querying the open documents/views and creating some toolviews)
and sharing that between Kate & KDevelop.

Could some KDevelop devs look at the current interfaces of Kate application and tell, if we could find some common grounds here?

We could agree of some even more shrinked interface and then implement that in both kate and kdevelop and be happy.
The applications would be responsible to load the plugins, like Kate / KDevelop do anyway atm, they would just need to
extend their support to more generic "KTextEditor Application Plugins" or how we shall call it.


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