Review Request 114197: EnvironmentWidget: Always display placeholder line

Kevin Funk krf at
Wed Dec 4 08:34:21 UTC 2013

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(Updated Dec. 4, 2013, 8:34 a.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.


Update review-request, implemented an generally useful proxy model that basically adds a placeholder item to a source model.

Summary (updated)

EnvironmentWidget: Always display placeholder line

Repository: kdevplatform

Description (updated)

EnvironmentWidget: Always display placeholder line

Implement a custom proxy model that just adds another line at the end of
the list. This line servers as a placeholder item. When setting data on
that placeholder item, the EnvironmentWidget instance is notified and
takes care of adding the actual value to the EnvironmentGroupModel

The new PlaceholderItemProxyModel should be useful for similar widgets
as well. For example, the BreakpointModel uses a similar approach,
but includes the placeholder item directly in the source QAIM. => Cleanup up
BreakPointModel and use this proxy to simplify code.

TODO: Find a nice place to live for PlaceHolderItemProxyModel

EnvironmentGroupModel: More API fixes

Diffs (updated)

  shell/settings/environmentgroupmodel.h 9ddc98f6ebf301c23100de5b20f803d023b2b56c 
  shell/settings/environmentgroupmodel.cpp fbea12ffb40f24d843a193a3abb8c07608b1a497 
  shell/settings/environmentwidget.h 9f89ff070c0ea649bbc8c5d73a16c1b027c102bd 
  shell/settings/environmentwidget.cpp 68d825ccf98ce9a54023107b4a889c06bd56727a 
  shell/settings/environmentwidget.ui f9683307c0a2d61d42b04ba720be2b4f30143277 


Testing (updated)



Kevin Funk

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