Refactoring CMake support

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Tue Aug 20 00:56:24 UTC 2013

It's not news that we've had some threading issues with the project model,
especially from the cmake plugin. This was mostly because the project was
parsed in a different thread and the results where being added from that
thread to the ProjectsModel. It worked, but killing a bug made another one
to appear, so that was no fun.

With this change, I'm making it so the project will be parsed from a
separate thread and will pass the data to another thread that will do the
tree creation.

I haven't tested it (at all, despite small tests with test projects) but
the unit tests pass and I'm feeling quite positive about it. I'll be
testing it in my system making sure all's in order during the following
weeks, but for now, if somebody is curious enough, I'm interested in any
kind of feedback.


PS: I'm applying this patch in my kdevplatform, for further safety ;)
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