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Mon Sep 17 05:41:44 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop.


Another attempt.

I had a local commit for the changes. What I did now:
git reset HEAD .
git add --interactive plugins (I added only hunks with changes other than space-related)
git commit -m asdf
git diff <previous commit> <new commit> > patch.diff

Then, I edited the patch with Kate and manually removed the unneeded space changes, by removing the “-” character, and the line below starting eith “+”.

Crossing fingers…


I got the Find In Files dialog to allow the user to specify a level of depth for the search instead of just whether it should use full depth (recursion) or none (no recursion).

This is meant to be my first step in the implementation of Find In Files for (current file and) Included Files ( Just in case I give up with the task before I finish the whole of it, I figured out it would be better to at least send you this bit now, since it is already an enhancement over the current behavior.

Diffs (updated)

  plugins/grepview/grepdialog.h d4a1db6 
  plugins/grepview/grepdialog.cpp d1f4bf7 
  plugins/grepview/grepfindthread.h b24520c 
  plugins/grepview/grepfindthread.cpp bc39d87 
  plugins/grepview/grepjob.h c357b77 
  plugins/grepview/grepjob.cpp 66df1a9 
  plugins/grepview/grepwidget.ui 94cfb00 
  plugins/grepview/tests/findreplacetest.cpp ac0687d 



I have tested the feature by looking in “kdevplatform” for ‘All Open’ (as in “All Open Files”, one of the optiona locations for Find In Files). I tried with the following depths: Full (-1), 0, 1, 2. Only the first one and the last one gave me a match, for the file kdevplatform(0)/plugins(1)/grepview(2)/grepdialog.cpp.

I did not write an automated test for the feature, although I did updated the current tests so the changes do not break it.

Since the current tests do not actually test for different recursion values (only recursion=true), I didn’t feel like spending time on testing the change (specially since I have never written one in C++/Qt before). But if it were considered a requirement to apply the patch, I would give it a try.


Adrián Chaves Fernández

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