Review Request: kdevelop: Adjust CMake for project KCM selection semantic change.

Ivan Shapovalov intelfx100 at
Thu Sep 20 15:54:07 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop and Aleix Pol Gonzalez.


Adjust CMake project manager/builder for this review:
This gets rid of an unused interface requirement IMakeBuilder and implements the IBuildSystemManager::additionalBuilderPlugins() method returning either Make or Ninja builder, whatever is appropriate for the given project.


  projectbuilders/cmakebuilder/cmakebuilder.h 1f67e6a 
  projectbuilders/cmakebuilder/kdevcmakebuilder.desktop 819bca0 
  projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.h 65520bf 
  projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.cpp fa05061 



Existing unit-tests and manual testing on both cmake+ninja and cmake+make projects (as well as on non-cmake ones).


Ivan Shapovalov

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