Review Request: Make area switcher usable when KDevelop runs on an appmenu-enabled system

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Thu May 31 12:45:48 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop and Aleix Pol Gonzalez.


When running on an appmenu-enabled system, one cannot add widgets in the menubar corner. This patch detects this (by checking QMenuBar::isNativeMenuBar()) and creates an action to hold the area switcher widget in this case. KDevelop itself needs a simple patch to integrate this action in its main toolbar (see ).


  shell/runcontroller.cpp 8f30be2 
  sublime/mainwindow.h 2656624 
  sublime/mainwindow.cpp 3f424f8 
  sublime/mainwindow_p.h 12814a0 
  sublime/mainwindow_p.cpp 87fb45e 



Tested with and without appmenu running. With appmenu the switcher appears on the left of the main toolbar, without appmenu it appears on the right of the menubar, as before.


Aurélien Gâteau

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